[SP2] – Cambridge 16 – Test 1 – Describe a tourist attraction you enjoy visiting


What is this tourist attraction?
Dalat City is my favorite tourist destination. It’s situated in Lam Dong province and about 300 kilometres away from Ho Chi Minh City. This city is renowned for its unique housing architecture and the flower industry.


When and why did you visit?
The last time I visited Dalat was two year ago. I went there with my wife for our honeymoon. We decided to travel to Dalat by passenger bus and came back to Ho Chi Minh City by plane.


What did you do there?
Travelling by passenger bus took us about 8 hours to reach Dalat from Ho Chi Minh City. We stayed in a small and lovely hotel situated in the outskirts of Dalat City. The room we booked was small but very cozy, and well decorated with woody furniture. The staff was very friendly and hospitable, so we had a wonderful time staying there and were very satisfied.


In three days, we visited famous tourist sites of Dalat City such as Lam Vien Square, the Chicken Church and the Teacher Training College which were very beautiful. My wife and I took a lot of pictures and posted them on social networking sites to share with others.


We went to Dalat market at night, bought some souvenirs and enjoyed local foods such as the meatball soup with bread and hot soy milk sold by vendors. These foods were extremely scrumptious in the low temperature of Dalat night.


Why did you enjoy visiting this tourist attraction?
There are plenty of things that I love to talk about Dalat City such as the cool weather, delicious foods and local people who are very friendly and hospitable. By the way, this city gives me the feeling of secure and comfortable, gets rid of all of my working pressure and fills me with positive energy. I will definitely go back there someday.