[SP3] – Cambridge 16 – Test 1 – Tourism


Tourist attractions

What are the most popular tourist attractions in your country?
The most popular tourist attractions in my country are Dalat City, Nha Trang City and Phu Quoc island. These attractions have their own characteristics which are very attractive to tourists. Dalat City is famous for its historical housing architecture and the flower industry, Nha Trang City and Phu Quoc island both have beautiful beaches and spectacular landscapes. These destinations attract thousands of domestic and international tourists every year.


How do the types of tourist attractions that younger people like to visit compare with those that older people like to visit?
Younger people will prefer to visit the modern type of tourist attractions such as theme parks because they favor interesting things, while older people like to visit traditional ones such as museums or art galleries because they are more interested in history and artwork.


Do you agree that some tourist attractions (ex. national museums/ galleries) should be free to visit?
Yes, I somewhat agree with that because this policy can encourage more people to visit these tourist destinations. However, I think they should only be free on some special occasions because these places have to earn money for paying their employees and maintaining facilities.


International tourism

Why is tourism important to a country?
For me, there are three reasons why tourism is important to a country. Firstly, this industry can generate a great revenue and contribute to the development of a country’s economy. Secondly, a country can promote its culture, traditional customs and famous attractions to international tourists. Finally, this industry creates a lot of job opportunities such as hotel managers, tour guides and travel agents.


What are the benefits to individuals of visiting another country as tourists?
From my point of view, there are three advantages to people when they travel to another country. Firstly, they can broaden their horizons about the culture and traditional customs of local people. Secondly, visiting a foreign country is a huge opportunity for them to go sightseeing and explore famous natural and historical sites. Finally, travelling overseas will give them valuable memories to share with others.


How necessary is it for tourists to learn the language of the country they’re visiting?
From my perspective, it is unnecessary for tourists to learn the language of the country they’re visiting. Firstly, English is the international language that can be used around the world, so it is unnecessary to learn a new one. Secondly, translation apps on smartphones have become more popular, using these apps can help tourists to communicate well with local people of the country they’re visiting.