Questions 21 and 22

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO hobbies was Thor Heyerdahl very interested in as a youth?

A   camping

B   climbing

C   collecting

D   hunting

E    reading


Questions 23 and 24

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which do the speakers say are the TWO reasons why Heyerdahl went to live on an island?

A   to examine ancient carvings

B   to experience an isolated place

C   to formulate a new theory

D   to learn survival skills

E   to study the impact of an extreme environment



Questions 25-30

Choose the correct letter, AB or C.

The later life of Thor Heyerdahl

25   According to Victor and Olivia, academics thought that Polynesian migration from the east was impossible due to

A   the fact that Eastern countries were far away.

B   the lack of materials for boat building.

C   the direction of the winds and currents.


26   Which do the speakers agree was the main reason for Heyerdahl’s raft journey?

A   to overcome a research setback

B   to demonstrate a personal quality

C   to test a new theory


27   What was most important to Heyerdahl about his raft journey?

A   the fact that he was the first person to do it

B   the speed of crossing the Pacific

C   the use of authentic construction methods


28   Why did Heyerdahl go to Easter Island?

A   to build a stone statue

B   to sail a reed boat

C   to learn the local language


29   In Olivia’s opinion, Heyerdahl’s greatest influence was on

A   theories about Polynesian origins.

B   the development of archaeological methodology.

C   establishing archaeology as an academic subject.


30   Which criticism do the speakers make of William Oliver’s textbook?

A   Its style is out of date.

B   Its content is over-simplified.

C   Its methodology is flawed.

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