Questions 11 – 16

What does the speaker say about each of the following collections?

Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to Questions 11-16.


A     was given by one person

B     was recently publicised in the media

C     includes some items given by members of the public

D     includes some items given by the artists

E     includes the most popular exhibits in the museum

    is the largest of its kind in the country

G     has had some of its contents relocated


11   20th- and 21st-century paintings

12   19th-century paintings

13   Sculptures

14   ‘Around the world’ exhibition

15   Coins

16   Porcelain and glass



Questions 17-20

Label the plan below.

Write the correct letter, A-H, next to Questions 17-20.

Basement of museum

17   restaurant                                 …………..

18   café                                            …………..

19   baby-changing facilities         …………..

20   cloakroom                                 …………..

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