Unit 13 – Restaurants 1

*Chỉ cần nhấn Submit 1 lần

Listening 3

1. Bấm nút PLAY để nghe (nên đeo tai nghe)


Bấm dừng theo từng câu và điền nội dung nghe được vào ô bên dưới

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I went to a new steak restaurant last night that opened near my house. I love trying new places. To start a meal, I had an interesting appetizer. It was some kind of seafood with a spicy sauce on it… Mmm! The main dish , of course, was steak. It was very small  but little tough, though. However, the vegetables was great- nice and fresh , but not too oily. The final thing was the best- the dessert! It was apple pie with a lot of ice cream on it. I know that I shouldn’t eat so much sweets, but it was delicious!