Unit 13 – Restaurants 3

*Chỉ cần nhấn Submit 1 lần

Listening 3

3. Bấm nút PLAY để nghe (nên đeo tai nghe)


Bấm dừng theo từng câu và điền nội dung nghe được vào ô bên dưới

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My new girlfriend took me to a Chinese restaurant in her neighborhood the other night. It was pretty good. First we had some egg rolls. They were the best  I had ever tasted. Then I ordered the beef and pepper stir-fry.  It came in a very interesting sauce – spicy, but not too spicy. We also ordered the steamed vegetables , but they were awful. They were really too soft. The dessert was a big bowl of fresh fruit. Some of the fruitt I had never seen. It was fantastic – and so was my date!