Unit 13 – Restaurants 4

*Chỉ cần nhấn Submit 1 lần

Listening 3

4. Bấm nút PLAY để nghe (nên đeo tai nghe)


Bấm dừng theo từng câu và điền nội dung nghe được vào ô bên dưới

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For lunch, my coworker and I went to a nice little French restaurant near our office. He didn’t feel like eating much so he just had a small salad. I had a large meal, though. First, I had the onion soup but it was much too  salty. For my main dish, I had a piece of pork. It was too dry and had no taste. The vegetables were perfect, though – broccoli and peas. Those are my favorites. Finally, I had a large bowl of chocolate mousse. It was just like the chocolate mousse I had in France during my last vacation- very creamy and delicious. I think I’ll have it next time, too.