Pronunciation 03 – S and Z


Rule #1 If a word ends in a sound that is unvoiced (such as P,T,K,F), you add an unvoiced /S/


1 cup,

2 cups

(the ‘p’ in cup is unvoiced, so you just add an unvoiced ‘s’)

1 cat,

2 cats

(the ‘t’ in cat is unvoiced, so just add an unvoiced ‘s’)

I break,

I stop,

he breaks

he stops


Rule #2 If a word ends in any of these sounds: ‘s,z,sh,ch,or dg (j)’ when adding an ‘S’ ending, add… IZZZZZZ


1 Page

1 Bus

1 Lunch

I Raise

I Brush

I Push

2 Pages

2 Buses

2 Lunches

He Raises

He Brushes

He Pushes


Rule #3 If a word ends in a vowel sound (like the word Tree) or a voiced consonant (like the word Game), then when you add an ‘S’, continue the voicing throughout the entire word, and it should become a voiced ZZZZ.


1 Tree,

1 Day,

1 Shoe,

I Fly,

1 Game,

1 Head,

1 Train,

1 Song,

2 Treezzzz (correctly spelled Trees)

2 Days

2 Shoes

He Flies

2 Games

2 Heads

2 Trains

2 Songs