Pronunciation Practice


Hướng dẫn

1. Nghe và bắt chước theo.

2. Chú ý dấu nhấn và âm cuối của từ.

3. Thu âm phần nói để so sánh và sửa lỗi.

4. Kiên trì luyện tập mỗi ngày.

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Episode 1: At the airport
Helen: What does Michal look like?
Tim: Well, he’s tall and well built. He’s got brown eyes and a shaved head.
Helen: Is he handsome?
Tim: Of course he is! He’s my cousin.
Helen: And what’s he like? Is he like you too?
Tim: No, he’s quite shy really.
Helen: Oh look! Is that him?
Tim: Yeah! Michal! Michal! He’s crying. I wonder what’s wrong.


Episode 2: In the flat
Tim: Alice this is my cousin Michal – our new flatmate. He’s really missing his friends.
Alice: Oh, Michal let me take your mind off that…So, where are you from?
Michal: From near Warsaw – the Polish capital.
Alice: Oh, what do you do?
Michal: I’m a guide tourist.
Alice: So interesting! Why are you visiting London?
Michal: To improve my English.
Alice: Oh, well, why not come out with us now? Then we can cheer you up and you can practise your English at the same time.


Episode 3: At the pub
Tim: It’s your round Alice
Alice: What, again? Alright, what do you all want?
Helen: An orange juice please.
Michal: The same for me too.
Tim: Oh come on Michal, you’re not in Poland now. Why not try a traditional pint of English bitter?
Michal: OK then.
Tim: And the usual for me – a G & T, love
Alice: Em, OK.
Helen: Don’t call Alice “love”.

Why not, isn’t she lovely? Michal, what do you think?


Episode 4 :Another round

Michal:She’s beautiful.

Alice:What’s wrong with you?

Helen:Nothing! You know I think Michal really likes you.

Alice:Don’t be daft! He’s only being polite.

Helen:Do you think so?

Alice:Yes, and why are you so interested all of a sudden?

Helen:No, no reason really. Look, I’ve got to get back to the flat, I’ve got loads of studying to do.

Alice:Oh relax! The books can wait. Tim’s buying the next round. What do you want?


Episode 5: Helen at home
Helen: Hello?
Mum: Hello? Helen? It’s mum here. How are you my dear? Studying hard? You know how much your degree means to your father and me.
Helen: I was studying before you phoned me! Listen, I need your advice. I’m in love! But he doesn’t even notice me. He only has eyes for Alice. What can I do?
Mum: Love? Love! There’s plenty of time for that later. Get your head out of the clouds and back into your books. Do you hear me?
Helen: Yes, yes mum.


Episode 6: Breakfast time
Tim: Morning, campers!
Alice: Ooh, not so loud, my head’s killing me.
Michal: I’m feel awful too. I’ve got a pain stomach. My head hurts…..
Tim: Welcome to your first British hangover Michal! What you need now is a good fry-up.
Alice: Bleugh! Oh, morning Helen. You look as bad as I feel. Have you been crying?
Helen: No, no of course not. Just burning the midnight oil studying, studying, studying.
Tim: So, who’s for eggs, beans and toast?
Alice: Urgh! You really are a pain in the neck sometimes Tim!


Episode 7: Paying the rent
Helen: Oh no, it’s that time of the month again – time to pay the rent.
Tim: Comes round fast enough, doesn’t it?
Alice: Yeah and I’m so broke just now. I don’t know where my money goes.
Tim: You need to tighten your belt Alice. Well, I’m fairly flush this month, want me to lend you some cash?
Alice: Tim, would you?
Tim: Sure, you know me, always willing to help a damsel in distress. There’s only one small catch……


Episode 8: The newcomer
Alice: Hi Michal! Look what I found in a box, near the rubbish bins outside the hospital. Can you believe someone wanted to throw her away! Isn’t she adorable?
Michal: What are you going to call her? How about Bronka? That’s a good Polish name.
Alice: Mm, I think she looks more like a Co-Co…Oh, hi Helen, meet our new flatmate. We just need to find a name for her.

Em, I don’t think so. You know we’re not allowed pets in the flat. It’s against the rules.


Episode 9: The favour
Michal: I’m going to see a film tonight. Will anyone like to come with me?
Alice: Oh I’d love to Michal but I have to iron all these shirts for Tim.
Helen: Look, why don’t you go with Michal and I’ll iron the shirts?
Michal: Oh Helen, that’s so kind of you.
Alice: But don’t you want to go to the cinema too?
Helen: Yes but I need to study. I’ll do the shirts, phone the landlord about keeping the cat and then I’ll hit the books.
Alice: Oh thanks, we owe you. Bye!
Michal: Bye!
Helen: Oh Cat! What could I do? They seem made for each other.


Episode 10: Choosing a film
Alice: Oh, what do you fancy seeing? There’s Must Love Dogs – a rom-com. Oh I love romantic comedies, don’t you? Pride and Prejudice is on – I adore period dramas. You know all those fine ladies and gents from ages ago, long dresses and grand houses. What kind of films do you like – action, adventure, musicals?
Michal: Films about people living in the future, on other planets.
Alice: Oh, sci-fi – not really my thing.
Michal: Well, what about Nightmare on Elm Street? They’re showing that again here.
Alice: No thanks, horror films don’t do it for me.
Michal: Well, why don’t you choose?
Alice: No, you invited me out, you choose.
Michal: No, I insist.


Episode 11: Phoning the landlord
Helen: Hi, dad it’s Helen

Hello my dear, how are you?

Helen: Studying hard as ever, dad. Can I ask you something as our landlord? Our lease says that we’re not allowed animals in the flat. Well, is there a way that we could get around that? You see, Alice found this kitten and everyone really wants to keep her.

You have a cat in my flat? Oh Helen, why can’t you ever obey the rules?

Helen: Oh dad! Please, won’t you bend them for me?
Dad: Well…
Helen: Please!
Dad: Just this once.
Tim: Kitty, did you hear what I just heard? She called the landlord “dad”. What a dark horse Helen is!


Episode 12: After the film
Michal: Well that rom-com was much better than I expected. It was really romantic. Thank you.
Alice: Oh, it was my pleasure.
Michal: Would you like to do it again – go out on another date with me?
Alice: Another date? Michal, that wasn’t a date we were on there.
Michal: It wasn’t? Oh, I thought it was.
Alice: No, we’re just good friends.
Michal: Yes, we are good friends and I’d like us to be better friends so I’m going to ask you: would you like to go out with me?


Episode 13: Tim spills the beans
Tim: So how was the cinema for you two love birds?
Alice: How many times do I have to say this – that wasn’t a date!
Tim: Whoa, easy tiger! Hey this’ll put a smile on your face. Guess who our landlord is?
Alice: How should I know? We give the money to Helen and she always sends off the cheque.

Go on, guess.

Alice: Tom Cruise, the man in the moon, no idea!
Tim: It’s Helen’s dad!
Alice: Helen’s dad! No way! Why would she keep that a secret?
Helen: I’m just putting the kettle on. Anyone fancy a cuppa?


Episode 14: Tim strikes it rich
Tim: Can I help you madam?
Customer: I’m looking for a man’s watch.
Tim: Well we have a sumptuous selection here: sports, evening, everyday watches. Do you see anything you like?

Oh, I rather like that one.

Tim: Impeccable taste, madam. Now, just take it over to the cash till there and they’ll wrap it up for you.
Customer: Thank you, goodbye.
Tim: Goodbye…Oh, you’ve dropped something madam. Madam! Oh she’s gone. Let’s see 50, 100, 150 pounds! Well you know what they say Tim, a fool and her money.


Episode 15: A heart-to-heart
Helen: Hello?
Alice: Hi Helen.
Helen: What’s up Alice?

It’s so quiet at work I thought I’d give you a ring. A little bird told me that the landlord is your dad!

Helen: How did you find out?
Alice: Never mind about that. Why have you been keeping it a secret for so long?
Helen: Well because as soon as people know how rich my parents are, they start treating me differently. When you and Tim came to live here I wanted to start afresh so I decided not to tell anyone.
Alice: Oh Helen you’re such a silly goose! I promise, it won’t make any difference to us! So no more secrets OK?
Helen: OK then.


Episode 16: A kitchen romance
Michal: Oh Bronka! I’m so miserable! Alice doesn’t want to go out with me.
Helen: Oh sorry, Michal. Am I interrupting something here?
Michal: No, no, I’m just pouring my heart out to Bronka.

Oh yeah, I found out that Alice gave you a knock-back but it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty more fish in the sea you know.

Michal: Fish? I don’t want a fish, I want a date!
Helen: Well, there’s someone right in front of you!
Michal: You’re always too busy studying. You wouldn’t go out with a guy like me.
Helen: Oh wouldn’t I? Why don’t you ask first!
Michal: Would you?
Helen: I’d love to!


Episode 17: Booking tickets*
Agent: Good morning, London Attractions.
Michal: I’d like to book two tickets for next week. For River Boat cruise please.
Agent: OK. When?

Next Thuesday.

Agent: Sorry?
Michal: Thuesday.
Agent: I’m sorry sir, is that Tuesday the first or Thursday the third?
Michal: Thursday the third.
Agent: Right, and what time would you like?
Michal: In an evening.
Agent: Because it’s winter, the last trip is at 7.00. Is that OK?
Michal: Yes thanks.
Agent: OK, just let me put you on hold for a moment please.


Episode 18: Emergency
Alice: Oh it’s so quiet tonight! You could hear a pin drop. Gives me a chance to catch up on my reading.
Man: Quick, quick! Get a doctor!
Alice: She’s just gone for a break. What’s the matter?

I don’t know. It’s my son. He’s stopped breathing.

Alice: Oh no! Wait a minute, I’ll just phone for the doctor.
Man: There’s no time. You have to give him mouth to mouth.
Alice: But I haven’t done it before!
Man: You haven’t done it before?
Alice: No, not for real. Wait while I find the phone.
Man: No! No, you must do it now!


Episode 19: Tim’s reward
Tim: Hello I’m calling from McCarthy’s. I helped you when you were looking at watches the other day.


Tim: I think I’ve found something of yours. Have you lost anything?

Not that I’ve noticed. No, nothing seems to be missing.

Tim: Well, you dropped £150!
Customer: Really!
Tim: Yes. Now, how can I return your money?
Customer: Oh how refreshingly honest! But I think a small reward is in order, don’t you?
Tim: Oh I couldn’t.
Customer: You could. I’m sure you have a pretty young girlfriend who needs to be spoiled.
Tim: No I don’t. I’m single just now.
Customer: A good looking man like you? I don’t believe it!


Episode 20: A date by the river
Helen: Oh Michal, that river cruise was fantastic.
Michal: It was lovely seeing all those famous buildings, wasn’t it?
Helen: Yes, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye all looked so impressive in the winter light, didn’t they?

You look lovely in the winter light too you know.

Helen: Oh Michal, you’re so sweet.
Michal: It’s true. You’re beautiful Helen.
Helen: You’re quite a hunk yourself, you know.
Michal: That might be true but suddenly I’m feeling a little sea-sick.
Helen: You do look a bit green. You’re not going to throw up, are you?
Michal: Oh yes, I don’t feel well. I think I’m going to be sick.
Helen: Was it something I said?