4. TH, Voiced T


Voiced ‘TH’ at the beginning of words

The (The book)

That (That house)

They (They came over)

Them (Give them water)

There (There it is)

This (This is my nose)

Those (Those boys are good)

These (These are my parents)

Voiced ‘TH’ in the middle of words







Voiced ‘TH’ at the end of words





Practice Phrases

This and that

A tablecloth

Winter clothing

Athens, Greece

That’s the one

Her skin is smooth

Thirty Day’s notice

A famous author

Here and there

False teeth

Thread the needle

A thoughtful gift

Thunder and lightening

Thumbs up

Practice Sentences

– Thelma arrived in town last Thursday.

– I’m having trouble threading this needle.

– I need 33 thick thermometers.

– The thing they like best about Athens is the weather.

– This thrilling novel was written by a famous author.

– He will be through with his work at three-thirty.

– Now and then, she likes to buy new clothing.

– They thought they were going to Northern Spain.

– Which tablecloth shall we use for the party?

– That was the thirty-third theatre to open.


THR Blends

Thread “thread the needle”

Throw “throw the ball”

Throat “my throat is sore”

Thrill “a thrilling ride”

Three “three more days”

Threw “he threw the ball”

Throne “the king sits on a throne”

Paragraph Practice

Nurse Thatcher was thankful it was Thursday. She knew that on Thursday she had to deliver 33 boxes of thermometers to the North American Athletic Club. They thought that thermometers were necessary for testing the hydrotherapy baths. This was thought to benefit the athletes with arthritis. The athletic trainers required authorization to provide hydrotherapy to the youthful athletes on the three bulletin boards with thumbtacks throughout the athletic club. Rather than risk the health of the athletes, they thoroughly checked the thousands of thermometers to insure their worthiness; otherwise they needed to be thrown away.



“TH” Exceptions

Although the following words are spelled with a ‘TH’, they are pronounced as a ‘T’:








Voicing the ‘T’ Sound

If a ‘T’ falls within two voiced sounds (usually vowels), the ‘T’ becomes voiced like a ‘D’.


Water » Wader (the whole word is voiced)

Better » Bedder Butter » Budder

Voiced ‘T’ Practice

Betty bought a bit of better butter. But, said she, This butter’s bitter.

If I put it in my batter, It’ll make my batter bitter.