Questions 21 – 30

Choose the correct letter, AB or C.

Study on Gender in Physics

21   The students in Akira Miyake’s study were all majoring in

A   physics.

B   psychology or physics.

C   science, technology, engineering or mathematics.


22   The aim of Miyake’s study was to investigate

A   what kind of women choose to study physics.

B   a way of improving women’s performance in physics.

C   whether fewer women than men study physics at college.


23   The female physics students were wrong to believe that

A   the teachers marked them in an unfair way.

B   the male students expected them to do badly.

C   their test results were lower than the male students’.


24   Miyake’s team asked the students to write about

A   what they enjoyed about studying physics.

B   the successful experiences of other people.

C   something that was important to them personally.


25   What was the aim of the writing exercise done by the subjects?

A   to reduce stress

B   to strengthen verbal ability

C   to encourage logical thinking


26   What surprised the researchers about the study?

A   how few students managed to get A grades

B   the positive impact it had on physics results for women

C   the difference between male and female performance


27   Greg and Lisa think Miyake’s results could have been affected by

A   the length of the writing task.

B   the number of students who took part.

C   the information the students were given.


28   Greg and Lisa decide that in their own project, they will compare the effects of

A   two different writing tasks.

B   a writing task with an oral task.

C   two different oral tasks.


29   The main finding of Smolinsky’s research was that class teamwork activities

A   were most effective when done by all-women groups.

B   had no effect on the performance of men or women.

C   improved the results of men more than of women.


30   What will Lisa and Greg do next?

A   talk to a professor

B   observe a science class

C   look at the science timetable

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