Questions 21 and 22

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO characteristics were shared by the subjects of Joanna’s psychology study?

A   They had all won prizes for their music.

B   They had all made music recordings.

C   They were all under 27 years old.

D   They had all toured internationally.

E   They all played a string instrument.


Questions 23 and 24

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO points does Joanna make about her use of telephone interviews?

A   It meant rich data could be collected.

B   It allowed the involvement of top performers.

C   It led to a stressful atmosphere at times.

D   It meant interview times had to be limited.

  It caused some technical problems.



Questions 25 and 26

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO topics did Joanna originally intend to investigate in her research?

A   regulations concerning concert dress

B   audience reactions to the dress of performers

C   changes in performer attitudes to concert dress

D   how choice of dress relates to performer roles

E   links between musical instrument and dress choice



Questions 27-30

Choose the correct letter, AB or C.

27   Joanna concentrated on women performers because

A   women are more influenced by fashion.

B   women’s dress has led to more controversy.

C   women’s code of dress is less strict than men’s.


28   Mike Frost’s article suggests that in popular music, women’s dress is affected by

A   their wish to be taken seriously.

B   their tendency to copy each other.

C   their reaction to the masculine nature of the music.


29   What did Joanna’s subjects say about the audience at a performance?

A   The musicians’ choice of clothing is linked to respect for the audience.

B   The clothing should not distract the audience from the music.

C   The audience should make the effort to dress appropriately.


30   According to the speakers, musicians could learn from sports scientists about

A   the importance of clothing for physical freedom.

B   the part played by clothing in improving performance.

C   the way clothing may protect against physical injury.

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