[Listening Easy] Apartments for Rent – KEY

Pre-Listening Exercise

People often look for cheap apartments or condominiums to rent when going off to college. Other students choose to stay with a homestay family, but this isn’t always possible. Therefore, what are three things you look for in selecting a place to live? Put them in order of importance to you and discuss them with a partner.


feel at home” = feel comfortable or relaxed
The more you learn about the culture here, the more you will feel at home.

move in” = start living somewhere
Some of my adult children have moved back in because they want to save money.

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.


Roger: Hello?

Ann: Hello Roger? This is Ann.

Roger: Oh hi, Ann. How have you been? And how’s your new apartment working out?

Ann: Well, that’s what I’m calling about. You see, I’ve decided to look for a new place.

Roger: Oh, what’s the problem with your place now? I thought you liked the apartment.

Ann: Oh, I do, but it’s a little far from campus, and the commute is just killing me. Do you think you could help? I thought you might know more about the housing situation near the school.

Roger: Okay, what’s your budget like? I mean how much do you want to spend on rent?

Ann:Uh, somewhere under $200 a month, including utilities, if I could. Oh, and I’d prefer to rent a furnished apartment.

Roger: Hmm. And anything else?

Ann:Yeah, I need a parking space.

Roger: Well, I know there’s an apartment complex around the corner that seems to have a few vacancies. I’ll drop by there on my way to class today.

Ann: Hey, thanks a lot.

Roger: No problem.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • work out (phrasal verb): going well
    – My new job schedule has really worked out for me.
  • commute (verb; also a noun): to travel between home and work or school
    – VERB: I have to commute two hours each day to get to work.
    – NOUN: How long is your commute to work every day?
  • utilities (noun): public services including water, gas, and electricity
    – How much do you pay for utilities each month?
  • furnished (adjective): containing furniture, for example, a sofa, tables, and washing machine
    – I decided to rent a furnished apartment so I wouldn’t have to buy so many things.
  • vacancies (noun): rooms not being used or rented
    – Do you have any vacancies starting next month?