Unit 13 – Restaurants 2

*Chỉ cần nhấn Submit 1 lần

Listening 3

2. Bấm nút PLAY để nghe (nên đeo tai nghe)


Bấm dừng theo từng câu và điền nội dung nghe được vào ô bên dưới

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Have you ever tried that seafood restaurant on Main Street? You should – it’s great. I go there often. In fact, I went there last weekend. To begin, I had a salad.  It was nice and fresh with  a great house dressing. My main dish is a fish – that I had never tried. I really enjoyed the spices it was cooked in. The vegetables were good – very fresh and tasty. For dessert, I had chocolate cake. It’s usually very delicious, but this time, it was too much sweet. I couldn’t eat more than two bites. That’s okay, though, because I’m on a diet.