[Listening Difficult] Professional Babysitting

Pre-Listening Exercise

There are many things to consider when working as a babysitter or finding one to watch your kids, and many companies help you find experienced caregivers, babysitters, and nannies in your area.

One of the considerations for the babysitter is financial arrangements for compensation. What is fair pay for watching children? Would you charge differently for the number of children or for different circumstances? Should you charge extra when being asked to do other tasks such as cleaning, cooking, or staying past midnight?


look in on” = check on the safety of someone, especially if they are sick
You probably should look in on the baby every hour during the night to see how she is sleeping.”

be grouchy” = be in a bad mood, especially if someone is tired or sick
Our daughter might be a little grouchy if she doesn’t get enough sleep.”

Script (only click after finishing the exercise below)

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.