[Listening Medium] Pizza Delivery – KEY

Pre-Listening Exercise

What are some of the questions you would ask or be asked when ordering a pizza by phone?


dig in” = let’s eat
Okay. We have plenty of pizza, so dig in.”

sing for your supper” = do some form of service in return for something in return
I wanted my dad to pay for the movie tickets, but he said I had to sing for my supper by cleaning the garage.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.


Employee: Hello. Can I take your order?

Customer: Yes. I’d like a large pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and green peppers.

Employee: Would you like anything else?

Customer: Well, wait. Uh, can I make that a half-and-half pizza?

Employee: Sure. What would you like on each half?

Customer: Uh, what toppings do you have?

Employee: Well, we have Italian sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, pineapple, black olives, green peppers, bacon, tomatoes, shrimp, clams, and squid.

Customer: Shrimp, clams, and squid!? What kind of pizza is that?

Employee: Uh, the manager spent some time overseas [Oh.], and thinks his new seafood pizza will be a hit with customers, but to be honest, the “Swimmer’s Special,” as he calls it, is an acquired taste.

Customer: Uh, I’ll pass on the “Sink or Swim” special, but I’ll have pepperoni and mushrooms on one half and green peppers and Italian sausage on the other. Oh, and could I get extra cheese on that pizza?

Employee: Alright. Would you care for any bread sticks or beverage with your order? [Well . . . I don’t know.] Actually, we have a Friday night special going on right now [Oh!], and if you order any large pizza and drink, we’ll throw in a free order of breadsticks, plus a three dollar coupon for use with your next pizza order.

Customer: Huh, sure, why not. And what drink comes with the pizza?

Employee: Either apple or orange juice.

Customer: I’ll take orange juice.

Employee: Okay. Your total comes to fifteen nineteen, which includes tax. [Okay.] And could I have your name?

Customer: Uh, yeah, Jay Han.

Employee: Huh? Did you say “Jay Hand”?

Customer: No, it’s “Han.” Actually, it’s a Korean name, but many people have difficulty making it out. Hey, maybe I SHOULD change my name to “Hand.”

Employee: Ah, names are important; don’t change it. [Okay.] Oh, and your address and telephone number?

Customer: It’s 1340 South 16 East, and the phone number is 340-1870 (three-four-zero-eighteen, seventy).

Employee: Okay. Let me repeat your order. A large half-and-half pizza. [Okay.] One half with pepperoni [Yeah.] and mushrooms and the other with Italian sausage and green peppers. [Yeah.] Orange juice and your free order of breadsticks. Jan “Han,” not “Hand,” [Yeah, that’s right.] at 1340 South 16 East, 340-1817. Is that correct?

Customer: Everything except for the phone number. It’s 1870, not 1817.

Employee: Alright. Thanks for your order. It should arrive at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less, or you’ll receive a free small pizza with your next order.

Customer: Great. Thanks.


Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • pepperoni (noun): a pork and beef sausage, sliced thinly for pizza 
    – My students ordered a pepperoni pizza for lunch.
  • be a hit (verb): be popular 
    – Ordering pizza for the party was a hit.
  • care for (verb): have a preference or liking for something 
    – Would you care for anything else today?
  • acquired taste (expression): a taste that takes time to get used to 
    – Some people say that learning to like sushi is an acquired taste.
  • beverage (noun): drink 
    – What kinds of beverages do you want to serve at the party?
  • throw in (verb): add 
    – That pizza shop always throws in a free drink with every order.
  • coupon (noun): a certificate used to receive money off on purchases 
    – Let’s use the pizza coupon that came in the mail.
  • make something out (idiom): understand or figure out 
    – I couldn’t make out what the customer ordered because of the poor telephone connection.