Reading Practice


True – False – Not given

01 Ants could teach ants

02 The importance of children’s play

03 Being Left-handed in a Right-handed World

04 The Motor Car

05 Rising Sea

06 Do literate women make better mothers?

07 Green Wave Washes Over Mainstream Shopping

08 Air pollution

09 Nurturing talent within the family

10 The Impact of Wilderness Tourism

11 The Department Of Ethnography

12 BAKELITE – The birth of modem plastics

13 The Benefits of Being Bilingual

14 Motivation Drives

15 Doctor Sales

16 Glaciers

17 The way the brains buy

18 The harm that picture books can cause


20 The scientific method

21 There has always been a sense in which America and Europe owned film

22 How much higher? How much faster?

23 What is a port city?

24 Communicating Styles and Conflict

25 The Falkirk Wheel

26 How Do Many Hearing-impaired People Talk?

27 Children’s thinking

28 Bilingualism in Children

29 The water hyacinth

30 The Concept of Role Theory

31 Trends in the Indian fashion and textile industries

32 The Columbian Exchange

33 Three ways to Levitate a Magic Carpet

34 The politics of pessimism

35 Dino discoveries

36 Ants Could Teach Ants

37 The Rise and Fall of the British Textile Industry

38 Australia’s biggest daily to find the selection of job ads

39 Reading in a whole new way

40 Examining the placebo effect

41 Highs & Lows

42 The Pompidou Centre

43 William Gilbert and Magnetism

44 The MIT factor: celebrating 150 years of maverick genius

45 Optimism and Health

46 Flawed Beauty: the problem with toughened glass

47 Is Technology Harming our Children’s Health?

48 Educating Psyche

49 Casting and Art

50 Attitudes to language

51 Honey bees in trouble

52 A Theory of Shopping

53 Foot Pedal Irrigation

54 The Development of Museums

55 A Remarkable Beetle

56 The Problem of Scarce Resources

57 What’s the purpose of gaining knowledge?

58 Vote For Women


60 Children’s Literature

61 Dirty River But Clean Water

62 The Search for the Anti-aging Pill

63 Recent research on humour

64 Pulling strings to build pyramids

65 Mechanisms of Linguistic Change


67 Pottery production in ancient Akrotiri

68 Children Tested to Destruction?