[Writing Task 2] – Tin tức tiêu cực ảnh hưởng xấu đến con người và xã hội? (Band 8.0)

  Nowadays, there is a trend that reports in the media focus on problems and emergencies rather than positive development. Some people think it is harmful to individuals and to society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?   There are those who opine that the increasing news coverage of negative contents in the … Read more

[Writing Task 2] – Người trẻ làm tình nguyện (Band 7.5)

  More and more young people from wealthy countries are spending a short time in communities in poorer countries doing unpaid work such as teaching or building houses. Why? Who benefits more from this, the community or these young people?   An increasing number of youngsters from developed nations are moving to underdeveloped nations for … Read more

[Writing Task 2] – Chi phí sống ngày càng tăng (Band 8.0)

  In many countries, the cost of living is rising. What effects do higher prices have on individuals and society? And what are better ways for people to deal with the high cost?   In many nations, the living expenses have increased dramatically and this had severe impacts on individuals and society. This essay discusses … Read more

[Writing Task 2] – Cạnh tranh công việc giữa người lớn tuổi và người trẻ (Band 8.0)

  Nowadays more and more older people who are looking for work have to compete with younger people for the same jobs. What problems does this cause? What are some possible solutions?   There is stiff competition for jobs between the elderly and younger generations these days. This essay discusses possible issues caused by this … Read more

[Writing Task 2] – Lãng phí thực phẩm (Band 8.0)

  Every day, millions of tons of food are wasted all over the world. Why do you think this is happening? And how can we solve this problem?   Global food waste is perceived to be one of the most pressing problems. This essay discusses possible reasons for this and steps that can be taken … Read more

[Writing Task 2] – Lo âu khi ở nhà và ra đường (Band 8.0)

  People today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?   Residents today are suffering from high levels of anxiety no matter where they are. This essay discusses possible reasons for this and steps that can definitely be taken to address the … Read more

[Writing Task 2] – Di dời các công ty ra ngoại ô (Band 8.5)

  Accommodation and transport problems are increasing in many large cities. Businesses are encouraged to move to rural areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?   Enterprises are encouraged to relocate to the countryside to address housing and transport problems that are rising in urban areas. In my opinion, the merits outweigh the drawbacks.   … Read more